Unreal Engine For Architecture Visualization

Unlock the power of Unreal Engine for Architectural Visualization: blend technology and design seamlessly. Perfect for AEC pros and Unreal beginners, gain essential skills to elevate projects with stunning visuals and interactive experiences.

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3 Months




English & Tamil (Native)


The Program Details

Your first project in Unreal Engine for Architecutre
  •  Discover Unreal Engine by importing an architectural project. Explore the engine’s interface and navigational tools, add an environment such as Landscape and Foliage to complement your building, learn to author and apply basic materials, and explore the lighting system in a daylight scenario.
  •    Lighting 
  •    Materials
  •    Quixel – Install, Pipeline, and Usage
  •    Datasmith Ingestion
  •    Sequencer 
  •    Cinematics
  •    Optimisation tools & techniques
Blueprint AND UMG FOR Architecutre
  • Learn essential Blueprint and UMG tools and concepts for AEC design and visualization by developing a variety of methods for viewing design options in this project-based learning session.
Introduction to Virtual Reality for Architecture
  • Gain a high-level understanding of developing virtual reality AEC experiences in Unreal Engine.

Skills you’ll gain

Unreal Engine for Architecture

Realistic real-time renderings and animations

Materials for Architecture

Sequencer for Architecture

Cinematics for Architecture

Optimization tools and Techniques

Lighting for Architecture

Blueprint and UMG

Virtual Reality (VR) for Architecture

Who is this course for?


Architects and architectural designers

who are seeking to enhance their visualization skills.


Interior designers

who are looking to create immersive presentations of their designs.



who are studying architecture, design, or related fields.



who are in the construction and real estate industries.


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Happy Students Says

Prakash Natarajan.K
Prakash Natarajan.KUnreal Engine for Architecture Visualization
Read More
I took up this course as a refresher after a long hiatus, but this would be amazing if I was an absolute beginner too! Kudos to MAAS Info Team and I'm excited to complete the rest of the specialization!
Rajesh Varma
Rajesh VarmaUnreal Engine for Architecture Visualization
Read More
I took the Arc Viz course and loved it. If you're looking for hands-on experience with industry professionals as your mentors then MAAS Info is the way to go.
Ramesh Kannan
Ramesh KannanUnreal Engine for Architecture Visualization
Read More
It is a pleasure to be in his class. Firstly, he is so knowledgeable and his teaching are packed with valuable information. Secondly, he is very patient and always takes time to find the best solution for problems his students encounter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn in this course?

This course selection is designed for AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) specialists and technicians who are just getting started with Unreal Engine. After completing the course, AEC professionals will have the fundamental knowledge required to achieve high-fidelity results and create interactive experiences.

Do I need prior experience to take up this course?

We recommend that participants have working experience in the AEC industry. Prior experience with popular CAD software such as Rhino, Archicad, and Revit, 3D packages like SketchUp, Maya, or 3ds Max, or software such as Blender or rendering packages like V-Ray or Corona is beneficial. However, if you don’t have any prior experience, we offer a separate course to learn any of these software programs.

Is this a standard curriculum?

The topics mentioned are standard and will be covered in the course. However, we also offer customized packages tailored to individual expectations and experience levels.

Will I receive a certificate upon completing the course?

Yes, upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate that highlights your newly acquired skills with our unreal engine authorised centre logo.

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